Building the cloud infrastructure of tomorrow, today.
A generational leap in cooling
data centres.

Cooling technology

Immersion cooling technology that uses a non-conductive cooling fluid that is 1,000 times more effective at wicking away heat than air.

Traditional air cooling

Immersion cooling technology


Cooling technology

In a highly efficient, Australian designed, modularised system. Deploying 3MW of compute load over less than 75m²

Firmus Immersion VS. Air Cooled

Cooling technology

That delivers a world class low power usage effectiveness of less than 1.03 PUE

    2020 Global PUE Avg. 1.59
  • 1.79


  • 1.69


  • 1.46


  • 1.77


  • 1.79


  • 1.60

    RU /CIS

  • 1.53

    USA /CA

  • 1.03

Cooling technology

Which is lower cost to build, and lower cost to operate, leading to a generational change in carbon footprint for a data centre

Cooling technology

All 100% powered by renewable Tasmanian hydro and wind energy

Cooling technology

Privately connected across Australia at the speed of light

Cooling technology

Built to handle tomorrow’s compute intensive workload for AI, Machine Learning and innovation

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