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Firmus welcomes Nick Hume as Chief Information Officer

Nick Hume joins the team and brings his expertise as Global Engineering Lead (at both, AWS & Azure) to Firmus.

We are thrilled to announce Nick Hume as part of our team. Nick will play a key role in scaling Firmus’ sustainable efficiency on a global level and brings his expertise as Global Engineering Lead (at both, AWS & Azure) to Firmus.

Nick brings a wealth of specialist experience to the Firmus team, prior to joining us, he was Director of Global Network Engineering & Program Management at Microsoft Azure. Nick has also held senior positions at AWS & Amazon. From helping to establish Amazon’s infrastructure in Australia in 2014 to commissioning over 168MW of capacity between new regions, gateways and edge deployments during 2021, Nick has led multiple global teams.

On Firmus’ future and why our business so strongly appealed to him, Nick comments,

“The technology we’re building at Firmus will change the conversation around sustainability and data centres. When you’ve been in the industry for over a decade, the waste, unused capacity and energy inefficiency become glaringly obvious. Our modular data centres feature a world-class PUE of 1.03, powered by 100% renewable energy, leading to a ~45% reduction in overall operating costs per kw/h.”

At Firmus, we offer customers access to Supercloud, our next-generation cloud infrastructure, 100% powered by Tasmanian renewable energy. Our cost structure will lead to affordable solutions for the market, especially for those looking to find GPU compute that fits into a strict budget.

“Our Supercloud product gives you next-gen performance, next-level efficiency, at market leading price points — there are no sacrifices. You simply don’t get that trifecta anywhere else but with us, that’s now a possibility.”

Nick elaborates, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads will change the world. We’re building this platform to lower the barrier of entry, to democratise access to this critical infrastructure for science, healthcare, and research purposes to name just a few use cases. Being proudly Australian-owned facilitates data sovereignty requirements for Australian businesses and importantly, energy efficiency. Companies that are ESG-compliant or at least on that journey need suppliers to fit the bill. If they sign up with someone that’s not, there’s a social impact within the market that indicates you’re not practising what you’re preaching.”

The Supercloud Beta program offers users access to zero-cost compute through its initial launch phase. If you’re looking to become a part of the Supercloud Beta program, please reach out to jonny.walker@firmus.co for further information.

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