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Firmus welcomes Jonny Walker as Supercloud Sales Director

Jonny Walker, the new Sales Director at Firmus brings over 12 years of experience in enterprise software sales with him.

We are excited to announce the appointment of Jonny Walker as our Sales Director. He brings over 12 years of experience in enterprise software sales (with his most recent role being with Experian for over 3 years). Jonny has also previously served as Senior Sales Associate and Key Account manager for Australian operations, wherein he has partnered with Tier 1 organisations across the financial services, retail, wagering and government sectors to help them overcome complex business challenges.

At Firmus, we’re thrilled to have Jonny join our team as he will play an integral role within our journey to building the world’s most efficient and sustainable data centre, right here in Australia. Jonny is currently spearheading the expansion of our offerings and services, beginning with the Supercloud Beta program.

As part of Firmus’ core offerings, Supercloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) public cloud built in Australia. With world-leading energy efficiency and PUE, powered by near zero emission renewable energy, Firmus Supercloud provides leading GPU accelerated compute and network performance. It’s data sovereignty at a competitive price — it’s affordable for scaling startups, research organisations and Government projects.

Supercloud is a flexible service that can be used for a wide variety of applications but really lends itself to workloads such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D rendering, and Scientific computing. High-intensity GPU solutions are hard to come by, especially at a price rate a start-up or scale-up can afford. However, as a flexible service, pricing can be project-based, rising and falling with scale as and when needed. To this, Jonny adds, “Access the lightning-quick processing power of Nvidia’s A100 GPUs within a sovereign data centre at a price point which has never been seen in the market before. Any organisation with AI, Machine Learning, analytics, HPC or image rendering workloads can access cutting edge processing capabilities through a data centre operating with a PUE of 1.03 and a carbon footprint 6x lower than traditional data centres.

The Supercloud Beta program will be released first, followed by commercial access for new customers. The end goal will be achieved using an agile and iterative development methodology, where the product will be deployed continuously as the features are built. The incremental development process will allow the product vision to adapt and evolve in response to customer feedback during the roll-out, which will reduce the chances of a miscalculation in product direction.

“There are literally 1000s of stalled data projects across Australia. Often the cost of compute is too high to risk running a proof of concept exercise. Not only does Firmus’ pricing model help to make these projects viable, but we are also offering zero cost compute to beta testers for 3 months starting in October 2021. This is a great opportunity for organisations wanting a risk-free way to assess options in the cloud compute market and also a fantastic chance to restart those stalled projects.”

On his appointment as Sales Director at Firmus, Jonny says, “I’m incredibly excited to join the ambitious and dynamic team at Firmus who are creating technology which will genuinely change the cloud computing landscape. I’ve always enjoyed helping customers to solve business problems and now I get to work with researchers and engineers on the cutting edge of development within AI and genome mapping. It’s doubly rewarding as I know that we are also bringing an innovative and green solution to market which is helping to make development and discovery more accessible and more sustainable. I’ve already seen first-hand the positive reactions from customers when they realise the new possibilities which are now open to them with Firmus. We have a varied group of customers ready to go live on our beta testing program which launches in October.”

For more information on being a part of the Supercloud Beta program, please reach out to Jonny Walker (jonny.walker@firmus.co) for a detailed brief.

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