Supporting stronger and more sustainable energy grids.

A combination of software and hardware to manage compute load in dynamic response to imbalances.

Energy Services uses spare immersion rack space at our data centre to respond to real time frequency fluctuations in Tasmania’s energy grid. Our method of proportional load balancing compute loads is a novel way to help stabilise the grid as it transitions to a greater share of renewable energy.

What are Energy Services?

Increased deployment of inverter-based wind and solar generators in the Grid – whilst good for the environment – contribute to a reduction in overall grid inertia. Inertia is a key ingredient in maintaining stable frequency and grid security, avoiding blackouts and brownouts. Coal & gas generation contains large amounts of inertia, however these sources of generation are, rightly, shutting down.

To compensate for this, AEMO (the Australian Energy Market Operator) runs a market called ‘FCAS’, where large power users (power ‘loads’) and generators, with the right technology, can be called upon to vary their usage to help balance frequency and grid security. Generally, the faster the response, the healthier the grid.

To date, large industrial batteries — under construction on mainland Australia — provide these fast response services.

Firmus ES, using proprietary software and hardware, is an AEMO accredited fast frequency response provider. ES is in operation, and providing a critical fast response service to the Tasmanian Energy Grid, with a pipeline of up to 200MW of new services.

Firmus Energy Services are leading the transition toward renewable energy and promoting a better future for all.
A better power draw

By maintaining constant power draw, unlike big batteries, Firmus ES supports all participants in the renewable grid with continual purchases of renewable energy, and fees to grid operators for the upgrade and maintenance of network poles and wires.

Greening the Grid

The frequency services provided by ES are essential in allowing the Energy Grid to transition away from dirty, coal powered generation.

Accredited and Operating

Approved & accredited by AEMO and TasNetworks as a provider of proportionate FCAS services.

Fast Response

Firmus ES uses proprietary software and hardware to read frequency in real-time, proportionately balancing load as required to stabilise the grid.

How it worksHow it worksHow it works

How and why it works so well:

  • Listening to the grid

    Specialist measuring equipment polls local grid frequency in 20ms increments.
  • Variable load

    Spare immersion rack space at our data centre houses uniquely modified cryptocurrency mining machines to act as the power load to be varied. Firmus uses a proprietary control system (‘DRADIS’ – Demand Response And Dynamic Inference System) to coordinate thousands of machines to act in unison.
  • Respond in real time

    DRADIS responds in real-time to any frequency events below a threshold set by the network operator. Once the frequency floor is reached, DRADIS commands a reduction in computing power load proportionate to the decrease in frequency. As grid frequency responds, DRADIS follows the curve back up, smoothing the return to a nominal 50hz.
  • Ready to go again

    DRADIS is always primed, responding to frequency events as often as needed, with no requirement to pause or regroup.