Answering tomorrow’s need for compute-intensive workloads, today.

A generational leap in design that achieves global leadership in rack density, capital cost to deploy, and cost of sustaining operations.

Host your cloud on our metal and gain instant access to all the benefits of our low-carbon, low cost immersion system.

Colocation Cloud Services (CCS) -
A better way to co-locate
The growing demand for HPC clouds helped us map out a futuristic solution — that we’ve now made a reality.
  • Reliable Servers
    Hosted in the same Tasmanian facility as Supercloud, CCS benefits from the same N+1 uptime reliability in redundant systems and power. The same immersion-ready servers that power Supercloud can now power your cloud.
  • Unrivalled Cost Advantages
    A lower cost of capital in infrastructure, combined with the benefits of an ultra-low 1.03 PUE, offer a potent step change in operating costs. With comparative rack-rental rates up to 40% below the average air-cooled colocator, and operating costs at a sustainable 30% less.
  • Choice in Technology
    Firmus CCS offers a wide gamut of node configurations, from highly performant AI-focused servers with Nvidia and AMD accelerators, to CPU targeted workloads, and application serving use cases. Networked internally with ethernet and InfiniBand options for up to 400gbs.
  • Efficient & Green
    Powered 100% by the Tasmanian renewables-based grid, and with our ultra-low PUE, CCS can deliver hyperscale-clusters of white label nodes for truly sustainable and green cloud computing.
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Powered by Tasmanian renewable energy, Firmus provides all hosting services at close to carbon free, out of its Tasmanian immersion data centre.

Up to 6 times lower carbon footprint than a traditional data centre due to Tasmanian renewable energy*.


Our Tasmanian low-carbon DC hosts high-performance clouds, with a step-change in cost and carbon efficiency. It also provides energy grid stabilising frequency services, to support the deployment of renewable energy.

Powered by
Tasmanian renewable energy

Green, low-cost Tasmanian renewable electricity helps drastically reduce our carbon footprint. Class-leading power draw and density also allows for an up to 65% lower deployment cost at N+1 redundancy specs than today’s best in class air cooled DCs.

Step into the future with Firmus

  • 1.03 PUE

    World’s-best PUE is up to 19x more efficient than traditional data centres.

  • 45%

    Less energy required to host per rack than traditional data centres.

  • 6x

    Lower carbon footprint than traditional data centres.

Experience next-gen Australian innovation today.
Intensive Compute Power

For machine-learning focused training, streaming, mapping, platform hosting, etc.

Non-intensive Compute Power

For data archiving, application hosting, web hosting, database management, etc.

* Based on Firmus St Leonards November 2020 – May 2021 consumption average 1.027 PUE vs global 2020 average of 1.59 (Uptime Institute Annual Survey 2020), Tasmanian emission factor of 0.17 kg CO2-e/kWh vs Australian average (non-TAS) emission factor of 0.68 kg CO2-e/kWh (National Greenhouse Accounts Factors: 2020)